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Lynette Turner on Nakoto Building Arts

Lynette Turner, Senior Associate at AMS, speaks with Nakoto Rentz, Associate Principal at Venue Cost Consulting on his podcast, Nakoto Building Arts. In this series, Rentz goes behind the scenes to hear from the people who plan, design, and build cultural arts and performing arts buildings. Turner describes some of the many projects she has helped navigate at AMS, and how her lifetime involvement with the arts has shaped her and her work.


The ISPA pod // S3:E3

In this episode, our guest is Rita Ezenwa-Okoro, a creative culturist, performance activist, communications expert, and founder of the Street Project Foundation. Based in Nigeria, she believes in the creative arts' ability to foster self-esteem, empathy, and cross-cultural understanding through play and performance. Rita is also the new Executive Director of the Global Play Brigade, an international movement using play and performance to bridge divides across the globe.


The ISPA pod // S3:E2

In this episode, we explore the innovative approach of London's Southbank Center's classical music head, and the UK's youngest senior curator, Toks Dada. The conversation centers on attracting younger audiences to classical music through strategic program curation, similar to fashion and technology. Leadership and fresh perspectives are stressed.


The ISPA pod // S3:E1

Now in its third season, Meditations On is ISPA's podcast series. AMS Planning & Research is a proud sponsor of three new episodes featuring reflections by Reem Allam, Associate Director of Artistic Planning at the Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates); Toks Dada, Head of Classical Music, Southbank Center (United Kingdom); and Rita Ezenwa-Okoro, Founder, Street Project Foundation (Nigeria).

In this episode, we host Reem Allam. Reem passionately advocates for the transformative potential of festivals in fostering collective consciousness, cultural shifts, and economic growth and firmly believes in the role of the arts and creativity as political instruments to safeguard artists' freedom of expression.


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